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Fractions Tutor: learn with graphical representations

Making improper fractions

Revised through Research

We have developed and iteratively improved the Fractions Tutor based on five experimental studies with over 3,000 students who used the tutor as part of their regular classroom instruction.

Multiple Graphical Representations

The Fractions Tutor uses three graphical representations of fractions: circles, rectangles, and number lines. By supporting students in making connections between graphical representations and with symbolic fractions, the Fractions Tutor helps students gain a deeper conceptual understanding of rational numbers.

Aligned to Standards

The tutor problems are in close alignment with the Pennsylvania State standards, NCTM, and Common Core standards. The instructional content and problems are based on educational research on fractions, and emphasizes conceptual understanding.

Highly Interactive

A special feature of the tutor is the use of interactive graphical representations. To solve the tutor problems, students actively manipulate the representations through partitioning, dragging and dropping of fraction pieces, etc. Our research shows that students find these activities enjoyable.


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