Mathtutor: a free site where middle school students learn math

Project Information

Decimal Addition

Differentiated Instruction

Mathtutor enables a teacher to assign individual tutors to a single student, a group of students, or an entire class.

Automatic Record-keeping

As students work, detailed records are stored that allow a teacher to see which students need more attention. Students can view their reports as well.

Aligned to Standards

Mathtutor content is aligned to NCTM Curriculum Focal Points, PA Assessment Anchors, and Common Core domains.

Interactive Software Tutors

Intelligent software tutors give step-by-step help and feedback, as needed. Try one of the tutors above, or explore more tutors.

Proven Success

The software tutors on the site are based on a rich history of research on human learning. They were built at Carnegie Mellon University using intelligent tutoring technology created over multiple decades.


Mathtutor is supported by a grant from the US Department of Education.

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